We research, authenticate and appraise art by Rubens

In most cases determining if a painting is “a Rubens” consists in researching if there is evidence the work was always known as a Rubens.

The reason a painting cannot readily be determined to be “by” Rubens on the basis of style, technique and other aspects, is that Rubens didn’t work alone. He had a full workshop able to paint anything Rubens was commissioned to paint.

In addition to the fact Rubens was not painting, different specialists would generally paint different parts. Some specialized in painting fabric, some in animals, some in faces, some in hands, some in landscapes or backgrounds.

For these reasons, authenticating “a Rubens” is quite different from authenticating the works of an artist who painted everything himself.

The research required for Rubens authentications is performed by our highly educated art historians and researchers based in Brussels, Amsterdam, London, Madrid and the US.

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