About Us

Since 2002 Rubens Experts consists of a group of art historians based in Belgium, the Netherlands, the UK, Germany, Italy, Spain and the US.

We collectively speak 15 languages.

Together we have access to the entire body of reference material and archives about Rubens.

Our multiple locations give us access to 80 percent of all the works Rubens created alone or with his workshop as well as to most of those painted by Anthony van Dyck, Jacob Jordaens and Jacob Van Oost the Elder, among others.

Our total years of experience as Rubens art historians exceeds 150 years.

We authenticate paintings and drawings by or attributed to Rubens and his workshop or Rubens circle.


We appraise and value all paintings and drawings related to Rubens.

We research and analyze Rubens, issue certificates (COA) for Rubens and/or his workshop assistants and his circle.

If you own a painting or drawing possibly by Rubens or one of his assistants or someone in his circle; we offer our authentication services, resources and experience.